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This information note provides detailed information about cookies and how they are used by DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL, being the processing holder (hereinafter the “Holder”) of the website (hereinafter the “Website”) and how they are managed according to article 13 of the European Regulations 2016/679 and the Data Protection Supervisor’s provisions, i.e. Identification of the simplified methods for the information note and the acquisition of the consent for the use of cookies” issued on 8th May 2014.


This information is part of the Privacy information note** and is issued for this website and its subdomains only and not for other websites that might be visited by the user by means of other links.



Cookies are small strings of text that the Website, visited by the user, sends to a terminal, usually the browser, where cookies are automatically stored and later relayed to the same website as the same user returns to the website. Cookies are used to make the website get different information about the user and are used to make the website navigation more efficient.

Cookies can be gathered in two wide categories:

  1. Technical cookies, this type of cookies allows some website sections to work properly and they can be divided into the following:
    1. Navigation Cookies: they are memorized in the user’s PC for technical and functional needs and they optimize the user’s navigation experience;
    2. Functionality cookies: they record some specific information and settings given by the users such as language, authentication credentials, the shipment country, the product selected for the purchase in order to support the user in his/her navigation;
    3. “analytic” cookies, they are used to collect and gather, anonymously, statistic information relevant to the users;
  2. Proliferation cookies are used to record movements and preferences of the users during their navigation to create either user profiles or send advertising messages.


These cookies can be divided in first party cookies and third parties’ cookies, depending if they are installed by the website manager that the user is visiting or by a third party website that installs the cookies on behalf of the first party.


Moreover, all cookies can be gathered as follows:

  • Session cookies, if they are deleted when the navigation browser is closed or
  • Persistent cookies, if they are retained in the browser for a definite period of time.


For further information relevant to the use of the cookies, see the following websites:



The Website uses only technical cookies, including those belonging to third parties.

The following are the cookies this website uses and, for third party cookies, please see the privacy information of the relevant third party supplier to get further information for managing and/or deactivating cookies.


Technical cookies

The website uses first party technical cookies for the following purposes:

  • For surfing the Website and using the relevant services (for example, for purchasing or logging in reserved areas);
  • For Statistic purposes and monitoring the website by collecting and managing the collected data (for example, we gather the collected data to know the total number of users, relevant browsers and the operating system);
  • For customizing and improving the Website’s navigation (i.e. for memorizing the details and settings entered by the user such as authentication credentials, selected language and country).


The Website uses the following technical cookies of third parties:

Google Analytics They are permanent session cookies used for statistic analysis to use the Website (i.e. to know the total number of users, relevant browsers and operating system).

Please take note that the Website is enabled with the function to make the IP address anonymous and it applies the amendment relevant to data processing to comply with the European Directive 95/46/EC.

It is possible to prevent Google Analytics from using personal details by installing a specific additional tool of the browser provided by Google from



Technical cookies don’t need the user’s authorization for being installed and used; therefore, the only way to manage and deactivate them is by using your browser options and following the methods given in the “Cookies management” section.

The user can manage the cookies of third parties from the relevant web pages of the above-mentioned links and/or by the options of the browser as given in the following paragraph “Cookie Management”.


Please take note that the consent for the use of cookies is optional, but a few parts of the website might not work properly if it is not given.



Most browsers are configured to accept cookies. Despite this, the user can accept or not accept the cookies and set them by using the browser’s options. At the end of each navigation session, it is possible to remove the collected cookies from the hard drive. Moreover, the user can set the browser so that he/she is informed when a cookie is memorized in the computer.

The methods of managing cookies by the browser depend on the browser you are using. The cookie setting can be determined specifically for the different websites and web applications.

To disable, delete or block cookies, use the page available from

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance,, or use the browser options as follows:


Mozilla Firefox:

  • Select “Instruments” menu, then “Options”
  • Click “Privacy”


Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  1. Select “Instruments” menu, then “Internet Options”
  2. Click “Privacy” (or “Confidentiality”)
  3. Select the privacy level you want by using the cursor.



  1. Select “Instruments” menu, then “Settings”
  2. Click “Show Advanced Settings”
  3. Click “Contents settings” from the “Privacy” section


  • Select “File”, then “Preferences”
  • Click “Privacy”.



  1. Click “Safari”, then “Preferences” and “Privacy”
  2. Set the methods Safari has to use to accept cookies of Internet websites from the “Block Cookies” area
  3. Click “Details” to check which websites have saved cookies



For further information, see the Instruction manual of your browser or visit the relevant support web page:


For other information relevant to the processing of the user’s personal details by DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL, see the Privacy Policy of the website.