Bold, clean and visually exciting, the new surprises the user with its unexpected and sophisticated design.

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December 21st is a great day to launch a new e-commerce, if you’re N°21– the brand created and directed by designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua (by the way: 12/21 is his birthday, too). Bold, clean and visually exciting, is a website that surprises the user with its unexpected and sophisticated design. We wanted to make the navigation as intuitive and simple as possible, without losing the distinctive style of N°21. We’re really happy with the design aesthetics, the reliability and the flexibility the new e-commerce offers. Live StoryTM, the visual commerce tool, helps the brand to establish a personal connection with the users by taking the experience to a more engaging level. Fans of N°21 welcome visitors to the homepage by showcasing the products they love to wear. Each user generated post is linked to a product that you can shop. Happy birthday, Mr Dell’Acqua.



Diana Corp.
Via San Daniele 137/139
Torreglia (PD) ITALY
(+39) 049 / 811466
New York

Diana Usa Corp.
68 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012
(+1) 917 826 6979

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