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By consulting this site, the data relevant to the individual, who has been identified or may be identified further to consulting this site, may be processed.  The data processing Holder is DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL.

This page provides the information note relevant to the management of the personal details of the users (hereinafter the “User” or collectively the “Users”) who interact with the web services of  DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL via IT from the address (hereinafter the “Website”). The information is given pursuant to art. 13 of the Regulations (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter the “Regulations”).

The information is only relevant to the Website and its subdomains and not to other websites visited by the Users through hypertextual connections or links.


Please read this information carefully before providing your personal details.



The data processing holder is DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL with registered office in Torreglia (PD), Via San Daniele 137/139, 35038, VAT No. and Fiscal code 05097740285, e-mail:,

PEC: (hereinafter the “Holder”).



The Holder appointed a person in charge of protecting the personal details; this person can be contacted as follows:

  • By mail: DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL, Via San Daniele 137/139, Torreglia (PD), 35038, for the attention of the Personal detail protection Manager or
  • By e-mail:



Navigation data

The IT systems and the software procedures of the Website acquire some personal data during their normal operation because the transmission of data is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.

This information is not collected to be associated to a specific person but it might be processed and associated to data held by third parties in order to identify a User. This data category includes IP addresses or the domain names of the Users’ computer connecting to the Website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required requests, the times of each request, the method that is used to send the request to the server, the dimension of the reply file, the numeric code indicating the status of the server answer (i.e. successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relevant to the operating system and the User’s IT environment.

This data is utilized only for getting anonymous statistic information relevant to the use of the Website and to make sure that the Website works properly as well as to guarantee the safety of the networks and information. In any case, the navigation data can be used to check for responsibilities in the event of IT crimes.



The Collector uses c.d. cookies. For further information relevant to cookies and their use in this Website, please see the information note about cookies which is part of this information.


Personal data provided by the User

Explicitly and voluntarily sending an email to the Website addresses implies that the receiver will acquire the data in order to answer the request as well as other personal details inserted in the communication.

The data are collected and processed by the Collector only for meeting the User’s requests or executing a contract or executing pre-contractual measures that are adopted upon the User’s request.



Except for the information given above relevant to the navigation data and cookies, the User can provide his/her personal details when he/she sends an email to the addresses given in the Website. Please take note that the personal details can be provided by the user to meet his/her requests because the refusal to provide them might prevent us from meeting the user’s requests.



The navigation data are deleted immediately after the Holder has processed it for the purposes it is collected for except for data that is used to prevent criminal acts or ascertain possible fraud or other illegal acts; this data will be retained by the Holder for the period allowed by the applicable regulations in force.

The personal details that the User voluntarily provides when he/she sends an email to the website addresses are managed for the time we need to answer the user’s requests.



The User’s data will be processed mainly by IT and telematics methods.

The Data Holder has adopted suitable security measures in accordance with the law to prevent the loss of Data, unauthorized access or improper or illegal uses. Considering the nature of IT tools and data transmission, it is not possible to completely exclude any risk of non-authorized accesses or loss of data. Therefore, it is better that the User’s devices (such as tablets, PC, smartphones, etc.) fit a suitable software for the protection of the transmission of personal details to the network and that the provider has adopted suitable measures to transmit the data by the network.



In order to achieve the purposes that the personal data is collected for, the Collector can appoint other responsible parties for processing the personal data such as:

  • IT service providers, i.e. direct marketing, internet service and cloud computing;
  • subjects that are in charge of warehouse logistics, as well as promotions, sales and the delivery of the Collector’s products and services;
  • customer care;
  • companies and other subjects that provide customers with legal, fiscal, accountancy, financial, technical-organization, data processing and communication services;
  • Subjects that provide bank services, i.e. financial, insurance and credit recovery services,
  • controlled companies, subsidiaries
  • public authorities and supervising bodies
  • third parties in the event of a merger as well as acquisitions or the transfer of a company or of a branch of the company.

The updated list of the subjects responsible for personal data processing is available by contacting Diana as they are responsible for dealing with the rights of the concerned person in accordance with the methods given in the following section 5 “Rights of the concerned persons”.

The personal data will be also known by people authorized by the Holder or persons responsible for processing the data such as the following:

  • staff in charge of the execution of orders,
  • the administrative staff,
  • the customer care offices,
  • IT and marketing department,
  • IT systems and website management,
  • other persons in charge of the supply of the services of the Website
  • the technical and commercial personnel.


No personal details collected from the Website are diffused


The User’s personal data might be transferred for the purposes they are collected to the U.S.A., which is not a country belonging to the European Union.

The transfer of personal details to subjects who reside in the USA will be carried out only after the Holder and the extra EU subject have signed an agreement containing clauses similar to those or approved by the European Union Commission (art. 46, paragraph II, letters c and d of the Regulations) or by subjects registered in the list of the Privacy Shield, self-certification system available for the companies set up in the Unites States that want to receive the personal details from the European Union in accordance with the application decision (UE) 2016/1250 adopted by the European Commission on 12th July 2016.

To get a copy of these details, the User can ask for them to the Holder according to the methods given in the following paragraph 11 “Rights of the concerned people”.


  1. Use of the Website by Minors

The Website and its services are not dedicated to minors; therefore, the Holder does not collect personal data from people under 18 years old. If the Holder gets to know that a minor has provided his/her personal details, they will adopt all measures to delete them.



The Website might be equipped with Social buttons/widgets. These “keys” represent the social network icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ and they allow the User to interact with the relevant networks by simply clicking on the icon. By entering the social networks, the user can share content or recommend the Website products.

After clicking on the social buttons/widgets, the social network might collect the data relevant to the User’s visit to the Website. As given in the introduction, this privacy information note does not consider the processing of the User’s personal data performed by social networks; if the User wants to have further information, he/she should refer to the privacy information provided by the social networks.

Outside of cases where the User voluntarily shares his/her navigation data with the social networks chosen by clicking on the social button/widgets, the Collector will not share or diffuse any detail of the User with the social network.



With reference to the provided personal details, the Users, as interested parties to whom the data refer to, are entitled to the following at any time:

  • To access personal details (art. 15 of the Regulations),
  • To ask for the correction or deletion of personal details (art. 16 and 17 of the Regulations) or to limit the processing of personal details (art. 18 of the Regulations)
  • To oppose themselves to the processing of the personal details,
  • To ask for the transfer of the details (art. 20 of the Regulations).

Moreover, the concerned person, if he/she has explicitly authorized the processing of his/her personal details for one or more purposes (articles 6, par. 1, letter a and 9, par. 2, letter a of the Regulations) is entitled to withdraw his/her consent without affecting the consent to process his/her details that he/she has given before withdrawing.

To exert his/her rights the concerned person will ask the Holder of the personal details:

  • By mail: DIANA E-COMMERCE CORPORATION SRL, Via San Daniele 137/139, Torreglia (PD), 35038, o
  • By e-mail:

Finally, please remember that the concerned person is entitled to claim to the Warrant Authority for the protection of the personal details in accordance with the set procedures.


For further information about the regulations and its application, visit the website of the  Authority that warrants the protection of the personal details.