Diana is a multicultural agency, based in NY and Venice, specialised in the creation, management and promotion of top fashion brand ecommerce.


Behind each project there is fine craftsmanship offered by our chosen staff which illuminates from their profound knowledge of the latest tendencies in fashion, web design and communication.


Our strongest points consist of the ability to manage a complete service: beginning with web design, logistics, customer care and finance management. We offer our clients a personalized solution.


We partner the Brand and accompany it in creating made-to-measure original ideas. Our knowledge of the most effective tools are aimed at creating a unique Brand image in constant evolution.

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Through the discovery phase, a highly qualified dedicated team work with you to understand everything about your Brand. From product and creativity to user segmentation, from Brand insight to project objectives. We are then aware of your needs and how to serve you and proudly take on the role as your true Brand Ambassador.
The Brand finds a specialized and multi-lingual team which is highly trained to listen and understand the Brand’s characteristics and specific needs.
The Customer is drawn into the Brand’s world and finds a harmonious consistency between the physical store and the virtual store.


We help you to understand the market environment. We plan, coordinate and define the implementation of coherent short and long term online market strategies of the Brand.
The Brand takes a partner to define and share a strategy in order to achieve its goals through the most appropriate and effective tools in line with the available budget.
The Customer is involved and is able to move easily in the virtual world that perfectly embodies the essence of the Brand.


The digital landscape is becoming more and more intricate: we create sophisticated and impactful online stores incorporating the most effective visual contents.
Creating new effective materials, able to make the Brand more innovative but consistent. The Brand is always up-to-date with the most effective communication and cutting edge tools.
The Customer is highly intrigued and led to attend the Brand’s website to discover new and exciting aspects. They can even follow the Brand in its evolution through a continuous story telling tale of content and images.
What we do



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for the


We build advanced, intuitive and user-friendly technological solutions with a constant eye on the market horizon to keep you one step ahead of the rest.
The Brand optimizes sales through an extremely advanced, yet simplified, platform. We give the Brand a fully and limitless customized service.
The Customer moves from simple desire of the object to the purchase of the object with an ease that satisfies their needs.

Customer care

We take care of customers and solve their issues at all stages establishing and maintaining a professional and durative relationship. Multi-lingual assistance guaranteed.
We take care of the Brand and their Customers. From our privileged window on the e-shopping world, we source and gather crucial feedback which is then fed back to the Brand.
We take care of the Customer at all stages from pre-sale to post-sale. Our multi-lingual specialized team is available to the Customer to resolve any problem they may have


We personally take care of the entire financial management step by step: from payments to customs. Offering multi-methods of payment.
The Brand is relieved of all aspects of the financial management of their on-line store.
We guarantee the Customer complete transparency and safety when buying.

Logistics & system integration

We follow each individual logistical stage, dedicating our entire professional team in their multi-functional roles. We offer automated warehouses and complete system integration.
Step by step high-speed receival, storage, selection, photography, put on site, selling, followed by shipping and delivery.
The Customer is positively struck by the speed and punctuality of the shipment. They are pleasantly surprised by the Brand’s own personalized packaging.
What we do



for the

for the


We endlessly work with you in order to establish and maintain an excellent customer relationship with your online audience. Optimizing the shopping experience through a perfect integration of the major social networks. We guarantee you our findings of ceaseless market research.
We strive and take pride in our close relationship with the most renowned community of trend setters and fashion bloggers of the time.
We guarantee a stable and understanding two-way relationship. The customer feels closer to the Brand and is able to communicate through the major channels of social network.

Business intelligence

With our sophisticated software we constantly oversee and analyse customer behaviour from viewing to sales performance.
Guaranteeing that you reach your desired business goals and recognize the consolidated Brand loyalty.
The unique customer experience is lived to the full and guarantees total satisfaction.

Editorial content

We create and manage contents, season by season, to spread the voice and maintain highlighted attention focused on the Brand. This is done in a continuous storytelling tale to engage customer experience aimed at a personal shopper approach.
The Brand, in line with the latest trends, constantly suggests new and exciting contents, offering an image in never ending evolution.
The Customer is always stimulated by new and original content. They keep pace with the Brand’s Universe.

Visual content

We create and manage visual contents studied and optimized for Web.
  • Photo shooting
  • Lookbook
  • Campaign
  • Still life
  • 360°
  • Video
The Brand suggests to the audience a renewed image, season by season, also coherent with the main guide lines of the corporate image. Thereby gaining a more powerful and distinctive identity.
The Customer is stimulated by visual contents that perfectly embody the style of the Brand. Updated new style suggestions are endlessly proposed, keeping in line with the Brand’s identity.
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Stefano Mocellini has a natural inclination for speed and his enlightened business vision has led him towards his most victorious challenge ever: create a multicultural agency specialised in fashion e-commerce.


Diana was born in 2007 and in only a short while, the increasing experience and professionalism of the agency, was widely recognised, and began to attract many top fashion brands.

House & people

Communication and exchange of ideas are fundamental for the success of each project and everything is planned in the company so that each person is able to give their best performance.



Stefano Mocellini, is the Founder and CEO at Diana Corp.

Life in the fast lane probably represents him best, and he has actually had it tattooed on his skin. It is the title of a song by the Eagles that expresses the inborn passion that Stefano Mocellini, founder of Diana Corp., has for speed.

This natural inclination and his enlightened business vision have led him towards his most successful challenge ever: create a driving, multicultural agency specialised in the creation, management and promotion of top fashion brand ecommerce.


—What is the link between speed, e-commerce and fashion?

In top level car racing, like the Formula 3 I raced in when I was a teen, you had to be the fastest and always ahead of the others, otherwise you never got on the podium. The same rules apply in the world of fashion and new technology.

—What are your greatest passions?

I just love Vintage Cars, I love renovating them myself and bringing them back to life. I also have a total passion for flying. Being able to fly a plane has taught me the true concept of freedom, but it has also taught me great discipline. You have to be able to multitask when you are flying, with a complete vision and ability to forecast on what is going to happen next. This has truly helped me in life and business. I feel that having gained these qualities i have clearer vision of perfection.

—What is your vision of e-commerce?

Being online is no longer an option but a necessity. A fashion brand that wants to compete must have a website that perfectly integrates the corporate and e-commerce sectors, must stand out with a design that carries its style, with constantly renewed, original and enticing contents. This is what we do at Diana.

—What makes you stand out and truly unique?

We accompany the fashion brands that enter the world of e-commerce for the first time, providing a complete and personalized turnkey package. We have all the experience and skills to help consolidated fashion brands with the best advice in finding innovative ideas and solutions.

We never tire of learning! We are constantly updated in the latest trends in the web, fashion, communications, social networks and new technology to constantly provide state of the art services.

The USA is our landmark, an endless source of learning, and from our Diana office in New York we are directly in touch with the market, with a preferential vision of what is happening overseas in fashion, new technology and so much more besides.

—What is your trademark?

For each project we design we create an effective Digital Universe that is a landmark in the web for the lovers of the fashion brands we work with. We create unique projects to ensure the brands are immediately recognized in the web and are able to compete on the highest international levels. E-commerce is the future that has already arrived and I believe that everyone should love shopping online. With an e-commerce project designed by Diana there are no longer any excuses for hesitation!



Diana started when e-commerce was at the beginning and has grown very fast reaching a solid experience.

At the beginning of the new Millennium, when the web world was virtually unknown and online buying seemed science fiction, the passion for music and new technology led Stefano Mocellini to eBay. He began buying and selling musical instruments online, and immediately realised the great potential that was unfurling in e-commerce.

The move from musical instruments to ties may seem strange, but it took place quite naturally. In fact, Stefano is the son of a family that has been manufacturing luxury ties since the fifties, and he came up with the idea to combine tie traditions with innovative technology, and hence entered the world of e-commerce.

Eties was born in 2004, landmark site in Europe for online sales of designer ties.

It was a very new and original project for our time: thanks to the web, ties found a new life and provoked interest into elegance and style. Thanks to the simple but very precise website, the products were easy to purchase and sent directly to the client. Eties is still going strong. This first project gave Stefano a key to this magical door and insight into web buyers behaviour and demands. Not to mention the strong and weak points of this rapidly expanding world.

The initial success and continous growth from this first e-commerce project confirmed Stefano’s initial intuition and provided him with the economic resources to advance and create new projects.

Diana was born in 2007: Stefano decided to move into his father’s cellar so began working with other people, and as the work continued to grow, he then gradually needed more help.

Diana has all the experience and skills to help consolidated fashion brands with the best advice in finding innovative ideas and solutions

2008 saw the birth of Steve & Co., an online shop of dandy, retro accessories addressed to the man with a very refined style, which are entirely designed and selected by the Diana team.

In particular, this project became the trampoline for the best field training in the research into style and the more innovative e-commerce techniques.

While visiting a leading Veneto company, Stefano became aware of the lack of know-how about e-commerce as a tool to make enterprise more competitive: aware that he had developed this know-how, he was even more determined to invest further in his team’s specialisation and state-of-the-art tools.

Diana creates unique projects to ensure the brands are able to compete on the highest international levels.

In a short while, the increased experience and professionalism of Diana was widely recognised throughout the field, and began to attract many top fashion brands. Diana does not just offer a service, but creates tailor-made projects for each single need and becomes an integrative part of its customer partner, this is Diana’s business model and makes it unique.

In 2010 the new adventure of outsourcing e-commerce began; the Diana team had grown stronger and moved to new, more spacious premises in Abano Terme, Padua, Italy with a much larger warehouse. The company’s growth was unstoppable by now and prestigious contracts were obtained with leading fashion brands.

From our Diana office in New York we are directly in touch with the market.

In 2013 Diana pursued another important aim: create a platform as the link in trading American fashion brands in Europe and vice versa European brands to the USA. The choice of New York as the company’s American office, being the world fashion capital, was a must.

With the further growth of the team and its new ambitious international aims Diana moved to its current head office in Torreglia, situated in the province of Padua Italy surrounded by the beautiful Euganean Hills.
To be continued...



House and People
Our head office combines ultra- modern and vintage elements in a perfect aesthetic balance.

The Diana Team is formed of highly specialised and professional international members with experience in traditional retail and online sales.

Communication and exchange of ideas are fundamental for the success of each project, and everything is planned in the company so that each person is able to give their best performance.

The head office was originally a former shirt factory, which had been abandoned for years and was consequently furnished with visual stimulants and spaces designed purposely for sharing.

The Diana team personally supervised all the renovation work, with a project addressed to blending ultra-modern and vintage elements in a perfect aesthetic balance.

Apart from the normal work rooms, there are relaxation areas, studied for the employees’ well- being and interaction. To aid team building and career growth, there are other additional activities with lessons in Business English with mother tongue teachers. There is also the opportunity of shiatsu massages by an expert, or gym in the equipped fitness area. Jogging together in the surrounding countryside is a sheer pleasure.

Diana's Head Office transformation was featured on Office Snapshots, an important international magazine that displays and discusses the latest designs and trends in office design. To read the full article just click here.

House and People House and People House and People House and People
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The site design lends itself to a content and commerce experience that is largely unique

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Diana proudly announces that the Lifestyle Bugatti new website is online.
The historic French carmaker, now a Volkswagen group brand, has always been synonymous with high technology, art, design and elegance.
The brand was looking to engage consumers with editorial contents that helps them make knowing deeper its history, values, codes and its beautiful and luxury goods as well.
In addition, it is an editorial site with e-commerce integration: the site design lends itself to a content and commerce experience that is largely unique.
Beyond the contemporary “responsive design” site structure, what really sets Lifestyle Bugatti apart is the product selection: each product is characterized by photographs and editorial content that are exclusively top-notch.

The new website is fast, vibrant, tidy, and easy to adapt to different devices

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The new GasJeans.com has a captivating home page and is set on a responsive platform with a mobile-first approach and a fluid adaptive layout. The website is fast, vibrant, tidy, and easy to adapt to different devices.
Sporting a clean and minimalistic design, it is obviously ecommerce-led: products and their stories play a big part in pulling the design together.

The new site creates an exceptional optimized shopping experience across every mobile touchpoint and stimulate the user with smart and up-to-date contents. Plus the new check out page define a friendlier, easier-to-use check out experience.

Diana embraced a new adventure in most the vibrant and exciting place in New york

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Diana is proud to announce the opening of a brand-new corporate office in SoHo, New York.
The new space is a 300 mq office on the top floor of a stately building located in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho district at 68 Greene Street.
In recent history, SoHo came to the public’s attention for being the location of many artists’ lofts and art galleries, but is now more noted for its variety of shops ranging from trendy upscale boutiques.
So Diana decided to embrace this new adventure in most the vibrant and exciting place in New york.