Diana is defined by people: diverse minds collaborate to create thriving results.

The EQS Integrity Line platform is available for employees, consultants, collaborators, and clients. This is a personal, protected space where you can report any inappropriate behavior you’ve encountered or suspect.

If you’ve experienced current or probable inappropriate or damaging behavior, we ensure that your report will be processed in confidentiality without any discrimination or retaliation. The Integrity Line platform is managed by third party EQS Group AG, protecting the identity of any person filing a report, regardless of the circumstances.

A successful Code of Ethics thrives on transparency, a cornerstone of our Company Culture. All personnel, internal and external, is part of this culture, and have the right to use their voice in reporting any and every kind of injustice.

The Offense Reporting System, included in Legislation Decree no. 24/2023 (Whistleblowing”), is available via https://filoblu.integrityline.com/.