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Constant Growth

The collaboration and union between the brand’s know-how and Diana, has made it possible to design the perfect virtual sales platform for fulfilling our initial goals.

Today, the new E-commerce store brings the consumers into the brand, which shows them its history from when it was created.





1 year

Tailor-Made project on the 50th Anniversary page


A team of developers, together with a project manager and a person in store and commerce management, built and implemented a new meeting space where the brand can interact with its customers. They used an incremental approach that made it possible to optimise timing and respect the requested Time to Market. Thanks to a shared vision, a new structure was created brining consumers closer to the brand.

The integrated functions of Page Designer and Live Story, make it possible for C.P. Company to highlight the artisanal quality of their products and their international vision right from the homepage, with the main focus on the product. The online experience is transformed into an immersive process, thanks to the omnichannel strategy that guides the consumer in their search and discovery of every single detail of the garments, providing them with suggestions and innovative solutions right up until they check out.

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The partnership with C.P. Company was established with the Launch of the new website, designed to help the brand grow with special, custom projects. Over the past two years, month by month, there has been a significant improvement in brand performance, with continuous shared management and implementations aimed at promoting the two initial objectives.

Growth and omnichannelity are still the drivers of our E-commerce optimisation and management today. Moreover, these allow the brand to build a better relationship with its customers and present C.P. Company to new users, anywhere in the world.

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